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Monday, June 27, 2005

Obayi Mamayi is reserved for C.F.

Obayi Mamayi:: Resereved for C.F.
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Blogger Varuni said...

Nice thoughts Rasika.. I like your writing style on "ekweema" nisadasa..

4:50 pm

Blogger Rasika said...

Thanks, I hope you will be able to hear this as a song soon. -Rasika

10:30 am

Anonymous Nihal Rupasinghe said...

I wouldn't have use 'milanayak une' as it doesn't sound right to me and the last verse, I will structure of the sentence, to be able to sing better, please do not get me wrong I am not an expert, but my critism might awake and boost your skill

1:24 pm

Blogger A Sinhala Poetry Lover said...

Thanks Nihal for your comment. Thiswas sung by a Sydney musician last year and we changed the lyrics a bit including the word you picked. It now reads "Milaana vee giyae".

4:00 pm


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